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20141024 - EU Heads of States underline the need to promote
EBB press release about the EU Council conclusions on the 2030 climate and Energy policy framework.

20161409 Full speed on biofuel will lead to a dead end
The aims of CO2 emission reduction and renewable energy are incompatible, states Jan Paul van Soest.

20170328 VNCI: CO2-reduction should be leading for climate policy
Despite the fact that the chemical industry is energy-intensive and will keep on needing a lot of energy, the chemical industry wants to decisively contribute to the transition towards a low-carbon society. This has been stated by the Dutch Association for Chemical Industry (VNCI).

20170320 Electric driving is gaining popularity
The fleet of electric cars in the Netherlands has grown significantly last year. The fleet of 112.000 electric passenger vehicles in 2015 has grown with 28% in 2016. This has been stated by RAI Vereniging.

20170317 Formation: Clean energy should be priority
Many stakeholders have emphasized the need for clean energy and climate policy in the formation for a new government. Fluxenergy explores the different opinions.

20170305 Voters will be angry if climate doesn’t get more attention
According to Ed Nijpels, the Dutch voter will become angry if climate will not be put in higher on the political agenda soon. During the campaign climate has barely been debated about.

20170316 DG ENVI voted on “Palm oil and deforestation of rainforests”
The European Parliament Environmental Committee (ENVI) voted on the a report on palm oil and deforestation of rainforests, providing a more balanced and fact based understanding.

20170424 Professors publish twelve recommendations for a more green economy
A group of ninety professors have send an open letter with twelve recommendations to realize a more green economy. The first wish is a minister for Energy and Climate.

20171109 European industry counterattacks against Argentine biodiesel
A group representing European biodiesel producers filed a complaint about illegal state aid with the European Commission on 3 November.

20180220 ING and EIB set aside 300 million euros to fund green shipping
ING and the European Investment Bank (EIB) will support investments in green European shipping. Together, they plan to invest € 300 million. The agreement between ING and EIB ensures that sponsors of green and sustainable projects in the maritime transport sector can benefit from favorable financial conditions. Projects in both the sectors inland shipping and maritime shipping are eligible.

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