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20180808 New Directorate-General ‘Climate and Energy’ is going to lead the energy transition
A new Directorate-General ‘Climate and Energy’, which is yet to be set up, will be responsible for managing the Dutch energy transition at the administrative level. This new DG will be part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and is currently being designed. The department will focus on the climate transition, electricity market and gas extraction in Groningen.

20180807 Palm oil: Too much of a good thing?
In the intervening years, palm oil production and demand have exploded. Between 1996 and 2017 global consumption more than tripled from just over 17 million to more than 60 million metric tons. Thereby, palm oil production is the leading driver of tropical deforestation, which accounts for 18 percent of all global human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. As palm oil can be an economically beneficial and sustainable product, nobody wants to ban it completely. The long-term goal is to lessen its environmental impact, says Frans Claassen, chair of the trade group European Palm Oil Alliance.

20180806 FASTCARD project results: catalysts for better biofuel production
The EU-funded FASTCARD project used two different routes to meet European commitments to the production of advanced biofuels. The first involves the ‘liquefaction’ of biomass and the second involves the gasification of biomass. Biomass is far more complex than conventional feedstock and the development of the necessary catalysts is traditionally a lengthy and complicated process. FASTCARD provides greater understanding of the process at the pilot scale for the two key routes to advanced biofuels.

20180805 Renewables leading the way for Neste’s 2018 profitability
Neste Corporation has recently released its half-year financial report, which shows that the company had an operating profit during January-June of EUR 592 million compared to last year’s EUR 536 million. Renewable Products posted a comparable operating profit of EUR 177 million (EUR 101 million). President and CEO Matti Lievonen said: “The renewable diesel market remained favorable in Europe and North America. As a conclusion, we expect 2018 to be a very strong year for Neste.”

20180802 Biomass in order to reduce CO2 emissions: how can that be sustainable?
At the moment, the Netherlands uses about 120 petajoules of biomass, which is almost two thirds of the total amount of clean energy in the Netherlands. In the current climate agreement, a tripling of the use of biomass is predicted. Can the Netherlands make this happen in a sustainable manner? The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency warns for the amount of biomass and also nature and environmental organizations are concerned.

20180731 1.5 million tons of CO2 reduction through renewable energy in transport in 2017
The annual reports of the Dutch emission authority (NEa ) show that the share of biofuels made of waste and residual flows is increasing. In 2011, the first year that the (NEa) reported on, the share of biofuels based on waste and residual flows was 25% of the total. In 2017, this share has grown up to almost 70%. The waste and residual streams mainly concern deep-frying oil and animal fats. The other biofuels are produced from crops (mainly wheat and maize).

20180730 The European Commission is working towards a more ambitious European CO2 reduction target
European Member States should set more ambitious CO2 reduction targets, than what is currently the case. This is stated by the European Commissioner for Energy, Miguel Arias Cañete. Instead of an emission reduction of 40% (compared to the level of 1990), he advocates setting the bar at 45%. This would enable the Member States to meet the ambitions of the upcoming climate summit in Poland, which will take place at the end of this year.

20180727 Not every tonne of CO2 is equal (Opinion)
In order to create a new Climate Agreement, one hundred organizations have discussed (divided into five 'thematic tables') about reducing CO2 emissions. It is now up to the planning offices to say something about size and numbers. This autumn, the will start the second round of negotiation. According to Frank Kalshoven, one thing is missing: a lack of proper reasoning.

20180726 Port of Rotterdam half-year results: clean-up costs for oil spill estimated 80 million euros
The clean-up costs of an oil pollution incident that took place in the Port of Rotterdam last month are estimated to be around eighty million euros. Due to a leak in the fuel tank of a ship, 217 tons of oil flowed into the port in a short time. Approximately 190 tons of the oil has been disposed of, according to director Allard Castelein.

20180726 Sales of electric cars more than doubled
The Dutch market for electric passenger cars is reviving: during the first half of this year, the sale of new electric cars has increased with 108.4% compared to the previous year. Compared with only the first half of 2017, this increase is even 173%, more than double the amount. 8716 of these were fully electric and 1696 were plug-in hybrids.

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