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20180730 The European Commission is working towards a more ambitious European CO2 reduction target
European Member States should set more ambitious CO2 reduction targets, than what is currently the case. This is stated by the European Commissioner for Energy, Miguel Arias Cañete. Instead of an emission reduction of 40% (compared to the level of 1990), he advocates setting the bar at 45%. This would enable the Member States to meet the ambitions of the upcoming climate summit in Poland, which will take place at the end of this year.

20180727 Not every tonne of CO2 is equal (Opinion)
In order to create a new Climate Agreement, one hundred organizations have discussed (divided into five 'thematic tables') about reducing CO2 emissions. It is now up to the planning offices to say something about size and numbers. This autumn, the will start the second round of negotiation. According to Frank Kalshoven, one thing is missing: a lack of proper reasoning.

20180726 Port of Rotterdam half-year results: clean-up costs for oil spill estimated 80 million euros
The clean-up costs of an oil pollution incident that took place in the Port of Rotterdam last month are estimated to be around eighty million euros. Due to a leak in the fuel tank of a ship, 217 tons of oil flowed into the port in a short time. Approximately 190 tons of the oil has been disposed of, according to director Allard Castelein.

20180726 Sales of electric cars more than doubled
The Dutch market for electric passenger cars is reviving: during the first half of this year, the sale of new electric cars has increased with 108.4% compared to the previous year. Compared with only the first half of 2017, this increase is even 173%, more than double the amount. 8716 of these were fully electric and 1696 were plug-in hybrids.

20180724 New owners for biodiesel companies
Simadan, known for the frying fat rearrangement called ‘Roti’, located in the port of Amsterdam, has been sold to two investment companies. One of them is Parcom, the other one is John Swire & Sons, a British conglomerate with 120,000 employees worldwide. John Swire & Sons will add the company to its subsidiary called Argent Energy, a biodiesel manufacturer. The Amsterdam Port Authority is happy with both buyers. The new biodiesel plant means a doubling of the amount of biodiesel produced in Amsterdam.

20180720 Renewed requirements for petrol and diesel
The new adjusted quality standards for petrol and diesel have been published at the end of 2017. The adjustments are related to mandatory consumer information, but also with improved quality. With the increasing admixture of bioethanol and biodiesel, it is important not to fall back on the old quality standards.

20180719 European market ‘open to palm oil’, EU ambassador in Malaysia says
The head of the European Union Delegation to Malaysia, ambassador Maria Castillo Fernandez stated: “The European market is open to palm oil. I want to say that very clearly. And the EU is the second largest market for palm oil from Malaysia,”. She said this on July 16, thereby attempting to appease Asian producers.

20180717 Advanced biofuels are key to decarbonising transportation
In the EU, a number of directives regulate the use of biofuels. The recent agreements on the revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) are setting the tone for creating a stable and predictable business environment that will trigger the development of and investment in advanced biofuel production within the EU.

20180716 Rotterdam’s industrial area is aiming for a CO2 reduction of 10 megatonnes by 2030
The Rotterdam-Moerdijk industrial area has presented its plans that should lead to a CO2 reduction of almost 10 megatonnes annually, by 2030. In addition, the industry will outline how the energy and raw materials system can be renewed up to 2050. The transition is based on three elements: the capture and re-use of CO2, electrification and hydrogen technology.

20180716 Unambiguous information about alternative fuels for consumers
Since the number of fuels is increasing, there is a greater need to inform the consumer in a simple and clear way on which types of fuels there are. European agreements on this information for consumers are laid down in NEN-EN 16942. Agreements between the government, market parties and NEN about their application have been finalized and can now be labeled.

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