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20181009 Urgenda wins climate lawsuit during appeal
On 24 June 2015, the District Court ruled that the State had violated its ‘duty of care’ towards the Dutch citizens and ordered the State to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% in 2020. The State appealed, but without success. On October 9th 2018, the court ruled – again – that the State is obliged to reduce Dutch emissions as quickly as possible. Their argument being that a reduction of less than 25% in 2020 is in conflict with the European Convention on Human Rights.

20181008 IEA highlights ethanol’s ‘untapped potential’ as a clean mobility solution
The International Energy Agency had produced a new Renewables 2018 market forecast report. According to the report, there should be a bigger scale-up of conventional and advanced biofuels. Also, biofuels and EVs are considered complementary solutions to decarbonise transport. According to Emmanuel Desplechin, Secretary General of ePURE: “The IEA is right to point out that bioenergy is often overlooked in the global debate on renewables”.

20181004 The appointment of Mark Bressers
Marc Bressers has been appointed as acting director of the Dutch Emissions Authority (NEa) on 1 October 2018. He states: “I'm really looking forward to this new challenge. Few things are better than working with a professional and involved team on one of the most important social tasks of the moment.”

20181002 HBE report October 2018: a total of 5.15 million HBEs is available
The 'HBE report October 2018' contains the available renewable fuel units (HBEs) for transport related energy. The total amount of available HBEs per 1 October 2018 consists of saved HBEs from 2017 (4.75 million HBE-C) and HBEs created in 2018 from bookings (0.18 million HBE-G and 0.22 million HBE-O).

20180928 EU says cheap Argentine biodiesel ‘subsidised’ but won’t impost tariffs for now
The European Commission has decided not to impose provisional import tariffs on a flood of low-priced Argentine biodiesel until it gathers more information, although it considers the fuel to be subsidised and a potential threat to local producers. “The Commission’s preliminary conclusions are that the Argentinian imports of the product concerned into the Union are subsidised and that there appears to be a threat of material injury to the Union industry,” the Commission said in the document.

20180920 2028: Game over for the internal combustion engine
A study by the German Aerospace Center DLR (commissioned by Greenpeace) concludes that if Europe wants to fulfill its commitment to the Paris climate agreement, this means that no diesel, petrol or conventional hybrid car can be sold after 2028. According to the report, mainly the car industry and the government must take their responsibility to make this change possible.

20180918 Ministry of Infrastructure and Water is going for safe and sustainable mobility
Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen and Secretary of State Van Veldhoven (Infrastructure and Water Management) will donate over seven billion euros in 2019 for the construction, management and maintenance of the infrastructure so that people and goods arrive at their destination as quickly as possible, while improving the quality of their living environment. In 2019, the Minister and State Secretary plan to devote a lot of attention to improving road safety and the circular economy.

20180918 Groningen in the picture for building a clean kerosene factory
Groningen is explicitly in the picture for the establishment of a clean kerosene factory. KLM will use this fuel to fly cleaner. The factory requires a million investment. However, it is not yet definitive. Director Maarten van Dijk of SkyNRG, who wants to build the factory, confirms the plans: “We are now in the final phase of selecting a location and suppliers. I think we can finally come out at the end of this year or the beginning of next year."

20180915 Biodiesel share increased despite declining diesel consumption
The UFOP reports that consumption of road traffic diesel and petrol in the first half year of 2018 was lower than in the 2017 reference period. However, over the last year, the use of biodiesel and bioethanol saw a significant rise. The surge in the incorporation rates of bioethanol and biodiesel could be due to the availability of less costly feedstocks for the production of these two biofuels.

20180911 F16 fighter jets are going to fly on biofuel
This summer, a trial with biofuels proved to be so successful that it is being expanded. The Air Force performed the test in July during the Frisian Eleven Cycle Tour, after Isabelle Diks (GroenLinks), had submitted a motion for this in the House of Representatives. According to State Secretary Barbara Visser, flying on sustainable fuel is a fine option. However, the availability and high price of it is "a point of attention and care".

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