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20181218 Tamoil sees plenty of opportunities for blue diesel
At the Petrol station in Tamoil in Alkmaar it has recently become possible to refuel blue diesel. The remaining eight Tamoil locations where this HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is available at the pump are in Friesland. According to Ronald Kempen, director of Tamoil Nederland, Blue Diesel is a very interesting transition fuel.

20181213 International experts keep pushing for more biofuels
The IEA has highlighted the need for more biofuels, the agency recently declared that bioenergy has a huge contribution to make in the global energy future and called for a bigger scale-up of conventional and advanced biofuels. The IEA noted that biofuels and electric vehicles are complementary solutions to decarbonise transport. These international pleas come as Europe struggles to reduce emissions from its transport sector.

20181212 BTG-BTL transfers Empyro to Twence
Empyro, which converts biomass into pyrolysis oil, green steam and electricity, will become part of Twence from January 1, 2019. The parties will work closely together to further develop the installation and develop new sustainable initiatives.

20181211 Employer organisation foreman wants break during climate negotiations
The negotiators who are discussing the Climate Agreement are wise to take a break, says Hans de Boer, the chairman of employers' organisation VNO-NCW. According to the planning, an agreement should be reached on 21 December, but according to him the negotiating parties should not be blinded by the date.

20181210 Norway Bans Biofuel Industry From Buying Palm Oil Linked To Deforestation To Help Save Orangutans
The Norwegian Parliament has voted to ban its biofuel industry from buying palm oil linked to deforestation. The new policy says the Government should 'formulate a comprehensive proposal for policies and taxes in the biofuels policy in order to exclude biofuels with high deforestation risk'. The move has been praised by campaigners who say they want other countries to follow Norway's lead and help reform the palm oil industry.

20181204 RED2 adopted: Decisive Step Forward in Promoting
On December 4, the EU Council of Ministers adopted the EU’s entirely revamped Renewable Energy Directive. The Directive sets a minimum blending mandate for advanced biofuels starting in 2022. Both European Parliament and Member States underline with this new Directive that advanced biofuels have a substantial role to play in achieving the 14% renewable energy use in transport by 2030.

20181129 European Commission presents climate strategy 2050
On November 28, the "A clean planet for all" strategy was presented by the European Commission. The document contains no hard legislation, but a vision on the economic and social transformations needed for a low-carbon or CO2-free Europe in 2050.

20181126 EU slows down in race for renewables, energy efficiency
According to latest data from the European Environment Agency. progress on renewables and energy efficiency is slowing across the EU, mostly due to rising energy consumption in transport. Although the EU as a whole “remains on track” to reach its 20% renewable energy target by 2020, the pace in reaching that objective “was only up marginally”, the EEA said, warning of a general slowdown in the uptake of clean energy in Europe. According to the EEA, the declining pace of progress is mostly due to rising total energy consumption.

20181122 10 countries demand net-zero emission goal in new EU climate strategy
Ministers from ten EU countries have urged the European Commission to chart a “credible and detailed” path towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in 2050, ahead of the launch of a landmark climate strategy next week. In their joint letter, the ten member states “encourage the Commission to set a clear direction towards net zero GHG emissions in the EU by 2050”. The letter was followed up by a European Parliament resolution that urged the Commission to make sure the strategy includes a net-zero option for 2050, which was also backed by the centre-right EPP group.

20181120 Outcome NEa network meeting 2018: mainly managing CO2
: The NEa network meeting was organized for participants in emissions trading and stakeholders in ‘Energy for transport’. Minister Wiebes initiated the discussion presenting the strategy regarding the Climate Agreement. He considers cost control and the pricing of CO2 to be of great importance. It became clear that emissions trading will remain an important tool in the future, however it is still unclear how the system should be improved and which policy instruments can be of use to reach that goal.

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