20151230 Tax benefit in 2016 with Energie investment deduction
The budget of the Energy Investment deduction (EIA) has been raised from 106 million to 161 million in 2016.The EIA is a financial regulation from the ministry of Economic Affairs to provide fiscal advantage for companies that take energy saving measures.

20151218 Biofuels must be part of the transport sector's decarbonisation plan
Biofuels present an opportunity to decarbonise the transport sector in the medium term. This should not be squandered because of misplaced fears over land use change, writes Elmar Baumann.

20151215 After Paris, EU leaders mull review of 2030 climate goals
EU leaders are expected, at the summit in Brussels this week, to ask their environment ministers and the European Commission to assess what the Paris Agreement means for the EU's climate targets for 2030.

20151214 The Cabinet asks SER for advice on oppurtunities circular economy
The cabinet asks the SER for advice on how businesses, NGO's and governments can anticipate and respond to the opportunities the circular economy will bring.

20151214 Climate policy needs to change after Paris
The new UN-climate agreement, creates a heavy task for countries. In thirty years the world needs to be fossil fuel free and therefore gas as well. Climate experts say that this will have enormous consequences for the Dutch climate policy.

20151214 Reactions to COP21 deal largely cheerful, but guarded
The international climate agreement struck in Paris offers a glimmer of hope to the EU policymaking bubble, although the EU’s main employers group was quick to warn about the downsides for European industry.

20151211 Is bioenergy being discussed as a climate change solution in Paris?
More than a hundred world leaders, environment ministers, and diplomats from over 190 countries have been gathered in Paris for the 21st Conference of the Parties of the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change. The aim is to prepare for and agree to new global action to tackle climate change. To do this countries have come up with individual pledges for action, called INDCs, to show how they intend to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Is bioenergy part of anyone’s future strategy?

20151207 Antitrust: Commission opens formal investigation in the biofuels sector concerning ethanol benchmarks
The European Commission has opened a formal antitrust investigation to scrutinise whether three ethanol producers have, in breach of EU antitrust rules, manipulated ethanol benchmarks published by a price reporting agency.

20151207 European petrol- and diesel specifications in revison
During a meeting in Cork, the CEN commissions, discussed several adjustments for European norms on petrol and diesel.In 2016 new norms as well as adjustments, will be passed or be subjected to voting. This is in line with the developments towards more use of biofuels.

20151203 Task Force Sustainable Palmoil will continu in 2016
The Task Force Sustainable Palmoil which works on the realization of 100% sustainable palmoil in the Dutch market, will continu via the ‘Dutch Alliance Sustainable Palm Oil’ in 2016. Hence the Task Force states that the work is not done yet while sustainibility is an ongoing proces.

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